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Climbing and many other activities portrayed on this website are extremely dangerous. You can be seriously hurt or killed while doing them. I in NO way whatsoever assume ANY liability for any injuries, deaths or damages to yourself or other individuals that may occur as a result of this website, viewing its content or use of information published on it.

I strongly recommend you seek qualified instruction from officially certified and qualified guides or instructors prior to contemplating or attempting any climbing-related activity, including anything you see on this website. Not doing so is extremely stupid and dangerous and could result in the death of yourself or other persons. You must assume full responsibility for viewing this website or attempting any of the activities portrayed here. If you are uncomfortable with this responsibility navigate away from this website immediately and don’t ever come back!

This website makes no effort whatsoever to educate the visitor as to the risks involved in any of the activities portrayed here. These risks are great and many. You must learn the risks and how to assess them from qualified instructors and accumulated experience.

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