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Gear for sale…

July 15, 2011

Lots of well-used but well-loved climbing gear for sale.  All gear functions well but most is showing signs of wear from regular (in some cases excessive) use.  Every mark has a story you’d be proud to tell and exaggerate or completely change as you see fit.  Ice gear includes at least 6 pairs of crampons (mostly worn out Sabretooths); a pair of 1st-gen Nomics with most of the paint worn off and about 10 beat-up picks; a pair of newish Cobras, one with a neat hole in the shaft that I’m dithering about how to repair; and assorted new and old ice screws, most of which have been sharpened several times.  Lots of trad gear but cams may be “lubricated” with chocolate lab slobber and nuts may have ice pick marks in them.  One of the harnesses may smell of urine a bit.  A variety of ropes, some may look rough but as yet none have broken in use.  As a bonus, I’ll even throw in a few pairs of old, stinky shoes that badly need resoling.  Plenty of worn-out and busted gear that I’ll happily throw in as well to help you add to your aura of “experience” at the crag.  Please note, lessons on the safe use of this gear or honest evaluations of its suitability for use in climbing situations are expressly NOT included in this sale.  Serious inquiries only please.  CDN$ 2,000,000 obo.

Seriously…I’ve gotten out climbing TWICE this rock season!  What’s up with that?  By this point in the season I should be starting to slow down as the nagging injuries flare up and my fingers swell to the size of Octoberfest sausages.   Instead I can barely remember how to climb!

Advice to homeowner-climbers – don’t ever trade ice tools for power tools at the end of the winter.  Also, it’s best to avoid jobs that keep you miles away from the nearest climbing during the best parts of the rock season.

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