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Apple Wagon and Cinevate

December 4, 2010

A great bonus to being heavily involved with our local Alpine Club of Canada Section is the unique opportunities that arise to get involved with some interesting projects.  The most recent of these was helping a local film production company, Apple Wagon Films, produce a short internet film spot promoting a neat new product for a company called Cinevate, also based here in Thunder Bay.

Jenn responded to an initial query to help them out, as they wanted to feature rock climbing prominently in the video, and some of our other members, Terry and Monica, were keenly interested in being involved as well.  No one loves doing this sort of stuff more than Frank, and he did an earlier site visit with them to evaluate some potential climbs and settings.  Rounding out the crew was Brian who kindly offered to help belay and manage the crews and climbers where needed.  So it was set, with Jenn and Monica doing the climbing for the cameras, Terry and Brian belaying the climbers or camera crew as needed, and myself sitting back and working as a general set of eyes and safety officer – an easy job given the professionalism of both the climbers and the film crew.

Personally, I got a lot out of the day and everything went off without a hitch, despite cooler temps as we definitely were pushing the end of the rock climbing season.  The piece was filmed right at one of my favourite rock climbs, a short bouldery route called Galaxion at the Bluffs here in town.  The girls climbed (and climbed…and climbed again), and the four-person crew worked furiously all day getting all the shots they needed and showcasing the new Cinevate gear in the process.  It was really cool to watch the film folks working and I learned a lot about what goes into a production like this.

Cooler still was learning a lot about these two local companies in the process.  While I had heard of Apple Wagon Films, Cinevate was an unknown entity to me and I think it’s spectacular that we have a company like this right here in Thunder Bay, designing, manufacturing and distributing state of the art film gear, and highly-respected in the industry.  It was quite evident to me also that the Apple Wagon crew is very talented, and I think their skills are quite evident in the final product.  Even the soundtrack for the video was produced by a local musician.

You can check out the final video here and here.  They did a shorter piece with just the climbers as an ACC “add”, and then the full length piece featuring the equipment (the product is a slider called the Atlas 10).

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