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The Neil Colgan Hut

November 27, 2010

Okay, so finally getting climbing back into my life front and centre, and it’s time to start blogging about it all again.  Thanks to all of you who (shockingly, people read this stuff?!) sent me supportive emails and inquiries as to why I stopped posting for a while.  No real reason, just focused on other things.

So, I have been climbing in my “absence” and I thought I’d share a few pictures from our ACC Thunder Bay section camp last summer, this time we visited the Neil Colgan Hut in the Valley of the 10 Peaks, high above Moraine Lake.  The hut has the interesting distinction of being the highest, permanent, habitable structure in the country (or something along those lines).  It was a very different experience from our last section camp, this time there only ended up being four of us – but in that setting, four was just fine and we were able to enjoy every ascent as a group.  Though we definitely weren’t blessed with the same perfect weather all week that we seemed to luck out with last time, the weather was good enough when we needed it to be and we managed to ascend a peak on each of the four days we had available to us, in addition to getting up and down the Perren route without incident and with reasonable weather both times.

Peaks we ascended during the week were Mounts Little, Bowlen, Fay (mega-classic) and Peak 4/Tonsa (depending which photo or guide or map you consult).  The obvious highlight to me was the West Ridge of Mount Fay, a mega classic that involved a little bit of everything and an opportunity to practice several different mountaineering skills.  A bit of snow and ice climbing, a bit of scrambling, a bit of easy rock and mixed climbing, and a delightful ridge walk to the summit.

Thanks to Jenn, Adrienne and Jack for making the trip as great as it was.  I’ll let a few pics do the talking on this one, in random order:


Descending Mount Little


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  1. Helen Dooey permalink
    September 4, 2011 23:17

    Wow! beautiful , great weather and it looks like so much fun. You must feel close to Heaven. Only for those in great shape….guess that leaves me out.

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