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Getting back after it

May 22, 2010

Today I went climbing!  Okay, that in of itself might not seem significant, but the truth is, I underwent surgery a couple of months ago to finally deal with a tendon issue in my hand, and today was only the second time I’ve been climbing since the surgery (the first being a week ago).

The decision to undergo the surgery was not one I took lightly, and I sought opinions from three different surgeons before deciding on a method of treatment (there are a few available for the condition I had).  Ultimately, after getting the advice of a very, very good surgeon, I weighed my options and agreed that one of the more drastic treatments was my best choice.  The contracture I had was causing all sorts of other issues in my arm, and climbing was not terribly fun anymore, so it was time to deal with things.  Special thanks to the amazing docs I’ve had overseeing this, and to the B-man in particular.

So now I’m about nine weeks post-op, and so far so good.  I have a great therapist overseeing my recovery, and I’m now slowly easing back in to the game.  Earlier, I had written about taking a bit of a break from climbing, which was easy to do at the time.  Once I’d underwent surgery and was in recovery mode, that choice was made for me and it was amazing how much I missed it.  It’s funny how with me it seems to be about choice, and when the choice not to climb is made for me, I’m not happy at all.

Last weekend though, I touched stone for the first time since last October, and man, it felt GOOD!  I still have a long road ahead of me to get the other complications in my arm under control, but at least I can play on the moderates again.  And I’m easing back into the Crossfit thing a bit now too, even did my first pull-ups last week – man that felt scary – and push-ups don’t hurt my hand and wrist anymore.  Down side is I have no more excuses.

One would think I would’ve had all sorts of time to write on the blog the past few weeks, but the truth is it was easier not to think about climbing for a couple of months while I recovered, lest I jump the gun on the recovery.  I’m not expecting to be climbing at my limit until the fall now, but it’s nice to be out on the rock nonetheless.  And good to be blogging again.

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