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The fix

April 5, 2009

11:55 am.  This conference call was supposed to end 25 minutes ago.  Man these guys are long-winded.  Useless discussion about an unimportant project anyway.

11:56 am.  Somebody in another city starts to suggest breaking for lunch.  I agree!  How about ending the call? Don’t they need to get a lunch hour fix too? I need mine.  NOW.

11:57 am.  “…we’ll pick this up in an hour or so.  Please be prepared to…”.  I slam my office door before my colleague finishes and hustle out out to my waiting car.

11:59 am.  A moment’s hesitation – are my rock shoes still in the car? Sliding across the hood of my car I catch a glimpse of them on the passenger seat. Yup. Whew!  Hey, what’s with those dark clouds?!

12:04 pm. I have to divert.  Large rain drops are splattering on my windshield and now driving in the wrong direction has cost me valuable minutes I could be using to boulder!  No outdoor session today.  Dammit! I need my fix.

12:11 pm.  In the bouldering cave.  Street shoes off.  Rock shoes on.  Hands in the chalk bag.  Pull onto the orange tape problem.  Do it, reverse it, stretch my forearms.  I hate the smell of this mungy cave.

12:19 pm.  Warmed up yet?  No! Go at the project anyway.  Green and blue tape.  Man this is hard!  There must be some tape missing off a key hold or something.

12:22 pm.  Okay, this is hard, but I think I’ve found the sequence…I’ll “rest” a minute and try again.

12:29 pm.  Some rest.  Almost got it!  Uh-oh…flash pump! Forearms cooked.  No way I’m gonna recover in time to send it today.  Another time.  This cave is cool, so much to do!  Next problem?

12:41 pm.  Stop staring at the posters! Get going, only 4 minutes left!  Grab some random holds and start moving.  One more lap.

12:45 pm.  Fix gotten.  Change shoes.  Drive!

1:02 pm.  Rush back into office.  Dial back into conference call.  What?? First on the line? How’d that happen?  Where is everybody?  We have work to do and this call is important!

Getting the lunch hour fix.  Jenn Chikoski photo.

Getting the lunch hour fix. Jenn Chikoski photo.

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